The Most Prominent Benefits of Identity & Access Management

The Most Prominent Benefits of Identity & Access Management

Any organization that runs digitally or is transforming its infrastructure to a more digital one, knows the importance of making sure only the right people get access to the right data at the right time. Managing identity and their correlating access is a complicated task. It requires sophisticated software and efficient tools to keep everything running smoothly. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is beneficial in a lot of ways but for the security of your personnel, data, applications, devices, etc. Every enterprise that wants to achieve success in the digital industry has to adopt the IAM strategies because of the following benefits.

  • Easy access

Nowadays, everyone has at least one digital or social ID that they create on different platforms. These people then use these IDs to gain access to different resources and data. That is where IAM tools come in handy as they can help you reach your audiences on various platforms and allow them access to the resources they wish to utilize. You can allow clients, partners or employees easy access using their social IDs by implementing a concept called Build Your Own Identity (BYOID) which is secure and efficient.

  • Great connecting tool

When it comes to digital identities, you need to have a proficient connecting tool that would let you deal with and handle the complicated process of connecting with different people, devices, and applications like Google or Twitter. Such a tool or solution can help you connect better with your customers or employees. However, the biggest benefit to it is that it would ensure the utmost security. When dealing with different and various identity providers, you have to consider the external security threats. It can secure it with invulnerable and foolproof authentication methods.

  • Make employees productive

Hiring and inducting a new employee in your organization can take a lot of your time from the moment you interview them to them becoming an official part of your enterprise permanently. You then work on integrating them into your company by providing access to certain aspects of your system and provisioning new devices and applications. If you are conducting this process manually then you can benefit greatly from an automated employee provisioning tools. It would help make the process go by faster and the employees could start working as soon as they join. It would also help them adjust and self-provision without having to trouble the IT team.

  • Smooth user experience

With how fast the digital world is progressing, customers expect and demand more seamless user experience for every interaction. When an employee or client wants to access different application or device, they prefer to use one account and password for logging in. No matter how different a log-in method might be for applications, you can use tools like Single Sign-On (SSO) which gives the users a single identity to use to access the applications. It gives them a smooth experience and does not annoy them with having to sign in again and again.

  • Protect your system

Since you would be allowing for multiple identity providers to have access, it puts your entire system in a great deal of risk. You would be connecting people, applications and devices through different providers on different platforms. Which is why it becomes increasingly essential to make sure all your bases are covered security wise. You can use analytics, authentication to verify an account, alerts and fraud detection to get notified of any wrongdoings or hacks. And if you do get alerted of any danger or wrong account accessing your data then you could prevent it or solve it in real-time without it affecting your company too much.

  • Make your company flexible

Since the digital industry keeps getting upgraded every now and then, it is highly important for every company on the path of a digital transformation to take measures to remain on top of things. Your business should be agile enough that it can adopt any new software and implement it quickly. Things like SSO and central authorization management, you can let your users have simple yet safe access to the resources without you having to create even more security methods. The more agile you keep your business, the better your revenue would be and the more seamless your process would be.