Neusol aims to invest time in building long-term relationships with customers. The endeavor is to ensure customer satisfaction and provided quality services. We offer our services as IT Solutions Provider to customers being their Technology Partner. We will be providing insights, answers, recommendations, development, and integrated solutions.

Modern software engineering principles & practices are followed in our operations which incorporates the use of latest technology, efficient & effective products, and state-of-the-art tools. Our objective is to facilitate our clients with quality solutions for their business success. Software products and Development services to the customers are provided via long term agreements & partnerships.


Neusol aids you with the following services:

Analysis & Design Service:
  • Business processes engineering.
  • Analysis of current processes and improved process suggestions.
  • System Architecture design.
  • Assembling of data into the data warehouse.
Development & Customization:
  • SharePoint & CRM portal development and Customization.
  • Data Centric Web & Mobile Apps (iOS/Android).
  • HTML5 Mobile Development.
  • UI (Responsive & Adaptive).
  • Microsoft Platform based Application Development.
  • Database (Design, Development, and Optimization).
  • Automation (e/m-Services & Workflows).
  • System Integrations.
  • MOF Payment Gateway edirham Integration.
  • Secure Authentication/Data encryption.
Consultancy Services:

Neusol offer consultancy in Project Management, Development, Creative Design, Infrastructure, and Hardware. The service tends to motivate clients in bettering the business strategies.

IT-Enables Services:

Empower your organization to meet information & support needs for the internal & external customers via IT products/services. Neusol offers the following IT-Enabled services to the customers:

  • Data Transcription.
  • Digitization.
  • Data Migration Service.
  • Data Processing.
  • Back Office Operation.
  • Conversion of documents to suitable electronic formats.
  • Forms Processing.
  • Web-Content Development
Support Service:

Prompt support service for 24 hours via phone, email, and chat.

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