NeuHR is the finest HR solution provided by Neusol. NeuHR will be a powerful asset in handling your Company’s or business’ human resources well and in an efficient manner. Days of manual labor have gone now obsolete, and everything is today tech influenced. So why Company’s HR be handling things like the days of the yore?

NeuHR Assistance:

NeuHR will be providing assistance with different regards as mentioned below:

  • Information Collection: NeuHR will be coming to your aid with information garnering and assembling of each and every employee in your company.
  • Alerts: Regular alerts, important notices, salary updates, and other alerts will be carried via this technology’s marvel.
  • Performance: NeuHR will be looking over the employees and assessing their performances in a regular way and evaluate them in parallel. This will be leading to effective means of improving an employee’s performance.
  • InTime: Keeping a regular check on attendance can be a time-consuming task. With NeuHR’s InTime you can automate the attendance and bring relief to your business in the most efficient & accurate way.