Often whenever we visit a website, we notice an automatic chat box popping up asking us for our queries. This is an effective means of reaching out to your visitors’ in the lowest level. Based on this concept Neusol have come up with the NeuBOT!

It is an easy, effective, & quicker means for your customers to have their say heard via interactive chat sessions.


Here is a list of features this Machine Learning based chat agent suffices your business needs with:

  • Real-Time Customer Engagement: NeuBOT greets every visitor of your website & will be efficient in answering to the point in time.
  • Website Information: NeuBOT fathoms your website’s information, and thus it holds the required knowledge concerning your services & products.
  • Query Answering: It is able enough to answer any query, a customer may have.
  • Human-Agent: It impersonates itself as if a real human agent.
  • Conversation: Records conversation with visitors.
  • Reports: Provides useful reports for you.