How to Integrate SaaS in Your Business

Introduction to Software as a Service (SaaS)

Before Cloud computing technology took over our lives, we lived a difficult life. Companies would have to make do with complex IT resources or if they could not afford the more sophisticated software then they would have to implement outdated and antiquated methods that complied with their needs. The sole purpose of technology is to help make our lives more convenient and accessible so we can carry out our tasks efficiently. That is where Cloud computing comes in to help us do business more progressively.

Before Cloud services were a concept, we were reduced to making sheets on Excel that would take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Thankfully, organizations were able to breathe easier with the introduction of Cloud services such as Software as a Service. It allowed them to implement and integrate application software that made work not only easier but faster and a lot more efficient. Now, we can do the same work in half the time or money with the help of technology like SaaS. Software as a Service is a type of cloud computing that lets you purchase and use software applications on the Cloud so you do not have to trouble yourself with any physical copies.

Why SaaS?

The more we develop and create technology like SaaS the more digitally advanced the human race becomes. Just a few years ago, we were used to installing software applications in our drives through a disc or other physical means. Such methods of acquiring new software would require certain things such as enough space in our hard drives to download the software, time to train ourselves in how to use the particular software, a way to purchase the physical format of the software etc.

Now, with the creation of Cloud computing and its services such as Software as a Service we only need a secure internet connection to be able to integrate software applications in our work. The Cloud is an excellent tool for anyone to access applications from any corner of the world just through their web browser. You can store and access any one of the thousands of software applications available on the Cloud at any time without worrying about storage space or such nuisances. The use of SaaS has become hugely popular in recent years because it is the most convenient, simple and affordable option for organizations as well as individual users.

Benefits of SaaS

Software as a Service is gaining popularity and praise from everyone because it poses many benefits for any organization whether it is large scale or small scale. Many individual users are also using SaaS for their personal projects or tasks because it is such a resourceful tool. The benefits of integrating SaaS into your business are as follows:

  • SaaS applications are easily accessible no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and a smart device such as a computer or smartphone.
  • These applications are always available not only as desktop versions but mobile versions as well which makes them even more convenient.
  • You can find many different applications for similar purposes and at extremely affordable prices.
  • There are free or trial versions of applications which means you can test them to your heart’s content and then decide according to your experience if you want to get the whole subscription.
  • Most applications come with many subscription plans that you can choose from based on your budget. The cost usually depends on the number of users so you can be economical by only spending as much as you need.
  • The subscriptions plans are incredibly affordable that can fit under your budget easily. These plans are also only monthly or annual so you do not have to enter into a binding contract for a long time with any software provider. You can stop using the software anytime you want.
  • The industry is quite competitive so you can find applications of the highest quality available quite easily.
  • The market is quite extensive and diverse so you can find an application for any technical need you might have and have multiple great options to choose from.
  • These applications come with customer support such as live chats or question-based sites that will help you have the best customer support experience and you would not have any troubles using or understanding the application.
  • Since the applications run from the Cloud, it means you do not have to spend an extreme amount of time in the installation or running. You open your browser and start using it instantaneously.
  • Many of the applications serve similar or relative purposes so they come with the option of syncing. You can connect and sync the applications you are using without having to manually put in any data. This saves time and reduces the risk of human error which means your work quality is improved a lot.

Applications of SaaS

Any organization suffers multiple issues and problems in running their business whether they are a small-scale or large-scale enterprise. Every business has its ups and downs but it is essential that you are prepared and equipped to deal with those promptly. From managing your team’s schedules to communicating with them, there are many aspects of a business where SaaS can come to help.

  • Tracking employees:

A company’s management can have a difficult time managing and keeping track of their staff’s time and work. If your company is having trouble organizing their timing spent on a project, or with schedules then there are many SaaS applications that you can take help from such as TimeCamp and Planday.

  • Project management:

Working on a project with your team can cause issues to arise if you do not have a proper management strategy in place. Organizing your team, keeping track of the progress and updates regarding the project can be hard especially if you have a lot of people in your team. For such project management problems, you can use Teamwork Projects and Trello.

  • Sharing contacts’ information:

Most of the time when your team has to handle and communicate with multiple clients, problems can arise such as losing their information, sending the wrong email to a contact, having more than one member of your team contact the same client twice etc. If issues such as this are commonplace in your company then you can implement tools such as Salesflare.

  • Communication:

Any project’s progress and success depend on how well your team can work together and a team cannot work well unless their communication is top notch. Keeping each other up-to-date through emails or iMessages can be a hassle and chaotic. Use proper and sophisticated communication tools such as Slack and

  • Finance and accounts:

Most organizations have an accountant or CFO assigned to handle the invoices, company’s accounts, budget etc. But the risk of human error in such a delicate sector can cause huge problems. Which is why both large and small companies can benefit from tools like FreshBooks and Invoicera.