How to be more productive at work?

Every day we spend many hours in the office which vary from 8-10 and sometimes more. We perform various tasks in the office daily. Sometimes we finish our tasks successfully and sometimes we fail. The main reason behind the failure is not using the time productively. Did we ever analyze that the time spend in the office is productive or not? If it is not productive then how can we make it productive?

There are some tips which can make you highly productive at the office.

Stop Multitasking

Though it looks attractive practically it is difficult for a person to perform various tasks at the same time. It has been observed that most of the times people mess up with multitasking. It is better to perform a single task at a time. If you perform one task at one time, at the end of the day, it saves your time. Performing different tasks at the same time may result in the loss of time and productivity.

Avoid using social media

Most of the times people use social media during office hours which may reduce their productivity. Use of social media most of the times results in productivity and time loss. Instead of using Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, if a person uses this time in sending emails, preparing presentations and other office tasks, he may increase his productivity at the office.

Use the two-minute rule for productivity

There are many tasks we perform in the office which takes two minutes or less. These tasks may include minor tasks like documents filing etc. If we put these tasks in pending, the result will come in time, productivity and efficiency loss. It is better to finish all those tasks on an urgent basis which take time less than two minutes. Delay in these tasks causes work productivity loss.

Take regular breaks

It also looks that it will consume more time, but it is not true. Most of the times the challenging tasks sucks your energy and decrease your productivity level. During office hours if you are working on a difficult and challenging task, there is a much more probability that your energy level will decrease which will affect your productivity in the office. If you take small breaks regularly, it will help you to maintain your energy level and you will work productively.

Set small goals to accomplish big projects

Working on big projects sometimes makes you stressed. It is not easy to handle and finish big projects on time. It is better to divide these projects into small tasks on a daily and weekly basis. It is easy to finish the small tasks on a set deadline. When you finish your small tasks on the set or given a deadline, it motivates you to work more effectively and efficiently which eventually increase your productivity level at the workplace. The small steps towards your goals give excellent results in the form of accomplishment of the goals.

Procedure of questions

Sometimes managers don’t let their subordinates ask them questions or they don’t like to answer the questions regarding assigned tasks. It also decreases productivity at work. If any manager asks the questions to his subordinates regarding their job and guide them regularly or reply to their queries regarding their job and assigned tasks, it may increase their productivity level.

Focus on your vision

Though we all go to the office and give our best at the office, do you think it is enough? It is better to give our best at the office, but it is also necessary to focus on your vision and keep our dreams alive. If you join the marketing department or finance department of any organization, serve with your best talent but try to reach some level like chief marketing officer or chief financial officer, etc. let your dreams alive. It will make you productive at work for a long time.


Most of the times we ignore some small things and feel stress in our work life which is easily manageable. If we consider some points discussed in this article we can reduce our work stress and can make office work more productive which may lead to personal and professional satisfaction.