Creative Social Media Content Ideas

Creative Social Media Content Ideas

Being a social media strategist can come with its certain challenges. Coming up with new and exciting ideas to engage your audience on social media platforms can be hard. Sometimes it can even make your brain exhausted or weary trying to think of new ideas. Your every single post has to be unique, fun and interesting enough to make your followers interact as well as attract new ones. That is why we have gathered some tried and tested creative ideas for you to try that are guaranteed to bring positive results.

  • Use GIFs

Corporations underestimate the power of using the millennial language. Attaching a simple yet funny GIF to your post can elevate it and make it stand out even more. If your brand allows for it, use something similar to the context of your post and funny. The use of GIFs will entertain your audience and show your fun side as well as attracting younger followers.

  • Hold contests

The most fun and beneficial way to engage your followers is to hold social contests every once in a while. You can organize it when you launch a new product, reach a milestone or celebrate an anniversary. Ask your followers to tag a friend, share your post or comment and you can give away free swag items or gift vouchers as rewards. This is proven to help improve promotion and engagement with your brand.

  • Share your followers’ posts

When your followers tweet or post something at you or about your brand, it would be great if you acknowledged it and shared it on your own profile. It shows your followers that you care about their opinion and feedback or are actually actively looking for it. People love it when the brand they are talking about online engages with them.

  • Turn posts into videos

Analyze which one of your posts or blogs garnered the most attention and online traffic. Then use similar posts or blogs to turn into videos. Videos are guaranteed to gain more views and attention than images or simple posts. Using your own content for videos will show your creativity and you can use simple software available online for making such videos.

  • Use infographics

Infographics are well-liked by everyone online. They share relevant and precise information regarding a topic in a convenient manner. They also have proven to gain more views and likes than any other type of posts. Use your articles or blogs to create a concise yet informative infographic that can relay the necessary information to your followers.

  • Go live

It’s been proven that viewers on Facebook and other such platforms watch live videos more than posted ones. Go live from your page for various occasions such as an office party, a meeting where you discuss new ideas or talk about a new product, etc. You can even plan to interview someone live which can make your followers feel more involved in your entire process.

  • Poll them

There are many different ways to engage your audience in polls. You can conduct meaningful customer research and learn more about the people that follow you. Or ask them fun yet interesting questions like what they like most about your brand, what they wish for, or opinions on different things regarding your brand. This engages your audience and makes their voice heard without being boring like a survey.

  • Partner with another brand

Collaborate with another brand on a blog post, infographic or any other post as long as your goals align together. This would mean your post gets reshared by them and you can do the same. What this does is bring your brand to the attention of a new demographic and set of followers that were not aware of your before. It also means you have earned a seal of approval by working with another esteemed brand. That would make you gain the trust of your followers while also showing them you are open to working with others with no negative competitiveness.

  • Use emojis or symbols

As we mentioned before, the language of the youth has its power and influence. By adding some emojis or symbols to your posts, you present yourself as a youth-friendly brand that is not boring or strictly corporate. The younger people like it when brands get more candid and fun with their audience online. This would make them engage with your profile and follow what you post in the future. Gaining the approval of the younger audience will help elevate you on social media since they are the ones running the whole internet.

  • Utilize charts

Self-explanatory images such as charts or graphs can interest your followers a lot more than simple text posts. Conduct a bit of research and find new and interesting studies regarding your industry and social media. Use the research to inform and educate your audience. You can use tools like Google Sheets to create charts or graphs based on the statistics. Such posts will help your followers learn more about your industry and keep them engaged with your account.