Digital Success in Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies have always had a higher and advantageous ground compared to other industries because they were the sole authority who controlled the narrative of their products. But now in the Digital Age, every industry is being disrupted by the faster and more efficient digital alternatives such as the different information channels about any drug in the market and digital tools like apps and gadgets that collect and reports about a patient’s conditions when not in the care of a physician. The industry is rapidly integrating advanced and progressive technology to keep a semblance of control over their own products. It is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceuticals to keep up and upgrade to the latest digital trends if they wish to not lose out to the competition.

Technology like automated decisions, advanced analytics and reports, and digital sensors are all some of the best benefits of digital integration in any industry promises. In order to remain on top of things, pharmaceuticals would need to start deploying highly advanced processes to keep their business module updated. The digital race amongst competitors is always unpredictable and can go either way. Such digital upgrades will improve the efficiency, quality, responsiveness, and speed of any business especially one such as pharmaceuticals.

Which aspects would benefit more?

When it comes to benefitting from digital developments in the industry, pharmaceuticals stand to gain a lot from four major aspects with digital integration and upgrade. A pharmaceutical’s success in the digital race falls upon these four major categories. Progressing digitally will help you provide a more personalized methodology of caring for patients, constant and effective channels of communicating with physicians and patients, a better insight into the profiles of patients and how to handle each one individually by making sound decisions, and an improved timing of responses that follow a quick and competent business process. Here is a brief overview and analysis of how pharma companies are projected to perform in each of these aspects in the near future.

  • Personalized Care

In any industry at the moment, personalized treatment and interactions are what’s driving the business. Even though many patients might have the disease or symptoms, they are all still very different when it comes to treatment needs. Some patients follow the regime described by their physician while some, not so much. This means that digital resources and tools could help physicians monitor the lifestyle and health of their patients remotely. Personalized care would mean that it will be easier to monitor the intake of every patient’s medication and meals. It would help a physician curate a better treatment plan that would suit that particular individual’s health and lifestyle.

Using the data collected through the remote digital devices, it would be easier to understand a patient’s needs as defined by their diagnostic results, history of medication, medical records, genomic data, etc. The medication would remain an integral part of the treatment process, yet it would be more precise considering the individual needs of the patient that other similar patients might not have. This would help aid in curating a more detailed and more proficient therapy plan for the patient.

  • Better engagement

For any company, pharma or not, it is increasingly important to create a more improved channel of communication with physician and patients. Nowadays, the use of patient communities has gotten more widespread because they like exchanging information and tips regarding their own symptoms or diseases. These communities can exist on social media, apps, mobile phones, forums, etc. They share medical records and converse with their physicians easily there. This creates the perfect place and opportunity for pharma companies to target and market their products to exactly the ones who need it. These channels of communication prove very informative and beneficial for marketing, advertising and spreading information about your products.

The virtual method of reaching patients and physicians will be more commonplace in just a few years since many companies and departments are already testing out projects to help patients remotely and digitally. Digital care would prove more effective since it would reduce cost, stress, and difficulty of going to consult a physician physically. Pharma companies can take advantage of this by upgrading to a more digitally flexible and progressive marketing strategy. Engaging your clients using a common channel will help them trust you more and your information about your product.

  • Data insight for commercial value

Pharmaceuticals are always the ones who have a huge collection of important and sensitive data. They collect data about patients, their medical records, medication history and other such details that can help identify a target a specific patient for your product. Pharma companies need to learn to mine the huge data set they are sitting right on top of. If they mined that data, they would be able to open up a whole new channel for marketing that is more specifically targeted.

Marketing and sales teams could work to mine electronic data about patients using technology that could identify specific patterns and target the ones that need a certain medication based on their medical profile even though they have not yet been diagnosed. Pharma companies can easily mine data collected off of apps, social media, internet, laboratories, insurance claims, medical gadgets, etc. That data could help see the real-world evidence and proof of a drug’s efficiency regarding that certain patient. It could help with reimbursements and clinical trials. By adopting these methods, the treatment process would become more private yet protocolized.

  • Improved response time

Digital processes have allowed companies to evolve a lot and bring about many changes in their infrastructure that prove to be beneficial for the business. Technology like Cloud, automated system, mobile sensors, and many others have given companies a chance to improve by a large margin. These digital enhancements can help change the agility and efficiency of complex processes. The processing time and costs can be reduced by a lot and improved transparency would show the accurate chain of processes involved in any project.

Pharma companies could benefit greatly from automated workflows and transparent process especially when it comes to recruitment and management of clinical trials. Automated workflows and transparent processes would improve the settings of the trials so that a patient could feel more comfortable with the trial. Sensors and remote technology would allow physician and laboratory personnel to manage and analyze a trial patient’s record while they go about their day like usual. Physicians could monitor and collect accurate reports as to the progress of in-trial patients with increased transparency.

These are four aspects of pharma that expected to benefit and improve the most with digital innovation over the years. These areas are where technology and digital integration could increase the level of engagement from physicians and patients, the efficiency of responsiveness in business, data-driven evidence and the products to be more personalized for patients. Better care for patients, a commercial model, and innovative progress are all part of the digital success that pharmaceuticals should be striving towards. All that pharma companies need to do is analyze their business needs and customize their own path to success and progress using the value derived from digital innovation in the four aspects detailed above.

SEO Simplified for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important tools if you own or operate a website. It has become one of the most essential assets for website owners to earn traffic and views. SEO is a set of standards applied to make your website optimized for search engine rankings. In layman’s terms, it means that complicated algorithms are applied to make sure your website pops up in the top search results of search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc. This method of improving your ranking in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization.

When you search for something on Google, you see websites displayed and you might have thought it is in random order or by the order of latest posts. But the order in which these websites are displayed is more complex then you thought. These search results are based on search engine ranking algorithms that include many factors about a website that provides a basis for its ranking in the results. Optimizing your website means you will apply the set of rules and processes to make sure your site ranks high and is displayed in the top.

Main Stages of SEO

SEO is one of the best ways to improve your website and make it high-quality, with a user-friendly and easy interface. However, SEO is not just a process rather a framework of processes and rules. It can be further broken down into three main stages of processes such as Technical, On-site, and Off-site SEO. These stages are described more elaborately below:

  • Technical SEO

This is the first step in SEO and one of the most important. It does not have anything to do with the content of your website rather it deals with its configuration. Technical SEO is the process of setting up and configuring your site so that search engine crawlers can index and crawl your site easily. If you encounter issues with indexing or crawling, then it can affect your search engine ranking. That is why you have to make sure to do it correctly the first time around. Once you have perfected it, you would not need to do it again.

  • On-Site SEO

This is the second step in the SEO process which refers to the content and elements of your site. This includes a set of rules to be applied to make your site and content of it more search engine friendly. Since search engines do not read the content of your website, what matters is the context and how you represent it to them. This is where tools and techniques like keywords, image SEO, website structure, title optimizations, structured data markup, headings, internal links, and others come in. The more that you send right signals to the search engines, the more the credibility and ranking of your website will improve.

  • Off-Site SEO

The third and last process is off-site SEO which refers to link building and other techniques of optimizing your site so it can rank high in search engine results. Off-Site SEO makes sure that your site is the prime candidate for when a user enters a search query in a search engine. When you try to search for something, the search engine tries looking for the website that fits your needs accurately. One of the things that can help your website rank higher in the results is the backlinks used in your site. What impacts your rank in the search engine results ranking is the number and quality of the backlinks that you have used. If your links are from legitimate and reputable sites, then it would greatly improve your ranking for search engines. However, if you have used link farms, paid links or links from article directories then it could not only negatively affect your ranking but go against Google’s guidelines.

That is why off-site SEO is necessary, so you can make sure the links you have produced are not going to affect your ranking in the search engine results. What you can do to improve it is to have good quality content on your site as it will automatically generate natural links which would result in higher ranking and more traffic. Links that are bought or generated using unethical means will only give you high rankings temporarily.

The Most Prominent Benefits of Identity & Access Management

Any organization that runs digitally or is transforming its infrastructure to a more digital one, knows the importance of making sure only the right people get access to the right data at the right time. Managing identity and their correlating access is a complicated task. It requires sophisticated software and efficient tools to keep everything running smoothly. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is beneficial in a lot of ways but for the security of your personnel, data, applications, devices, etc. Every enterprise that wants to achieve success in the digital industry has to adopt the IAM strategies because of the following benefits.

  • Easy access

Nowadays, everyone has at least one digital or social ID that they create on different platforms. These people then use these IDs to gain access to different resources and data. That is where IAM tools come in handy as they can help you reach your audiences on various platforms and allow them access to the resources they wish to utilize. You can allow clients, partners or employees easy access using their social IDs by implementing a concept called Build Your Own Identity (BYOID) which is secure and efficient.

  • Great connecting tool

When it comes to digital identities, you need to have a proficient connecting tool that would let you deal with and handle the complicated process of connecting with different people, devices, and applications like Google or Twitter. Such a tool or solution can help you connect better with your customers or employees. However, the biggest benefit to it is that it would ensure the utmost security. When dealing with different and various identity providers, you have to consider the external security threats. It can secure it with invulnerable and foolproof authentication methods.

  • Make employees productive

Hiring and inducting a new employee in your organization can take a lot of your time from the moment you interview them to them becoming an official part of your enterprise permanently. You then work on integrating them into your company by providing access to certain aspects of your system and provisioning new devices and applications. If you are conducting this process manually then you can benefit greatly from an automated employee provisioning tools. It would help make the process go by faster and the employees could start working as soon as they join. It would also help them adjust and self-provision without having to trouble the IT team.

  • Smooth user experience

With how fast the digital world is progressing, customers expect and demand more seamless user experience for every interaction. When an employee or client wants to access different application or device, they prefer to use one account and password for logging in. No matter how different a log-in method might be for applications, you can use tools like Single Sign-On (SSO) which gives the users a single identity to use to access the applications. It gives them a smooth experience and does not annoy them with having to sign in again and again.

  • Protect your system

Since you would be allowing for multiple identity providers to have access, it puts your entire system in a great deal of risk. You would be connecting people, applications and devices through different providers on different platforms. Which is why it becomes increasingly essential to make sure all your bases are covered security wise. You can use analytics, authentication to verify an account, alerts and fraud detection to get notified of any wrongdoings or hacks. And if you do get alerted of any danger or wrong account accessing your data then you could prevent it or solve it in real-time without it affecting your company too much.

  • Make your company flexible

Since the digital industry keeps getting upgraded every now and then, it is highly important for every company on the path of a digital transformation to take measures to remain on top of things. Your business should be agile enough that it can adopt any new software and implement it quickly. Things like SSO and central authorization management, you can let your users have simple yet safe access to the resources without you having to create even more security methods. The more agile you keep your business, the better your revenue would be and the more seamless your process would be.

Creative Social Media Content Ideas

Being a social media strategist can come with its certain challenges. Coming up with new and exciting ideas to engage your audience on social media platforms can be hard. Sometimes it can even make your brain exhausted or weary trying to think of new ideas. Your every single post has to be unique, fun and interesting enough to make your followers interact as well as attract new ones. That is why we have gathered some tried and tested creative ideas for you to try that are guaranteed to bring positive results.

  • Use GIFs

Corporations underestimate the power of using the millennial language. Attaching a simple yet funny GIF to your post can elevate it and make it stand out even more. If your brand allows for it, use something similar to the context of your post and funny. The use of GIFs will entertain your audience and show your fun side as well as attracting younger followers.

  • Hold contests

The most fun and beneficial way to engage your followers is to hold social contests every once in a while. You can organize it when you launch a new product, reach a milestone or celebrate an anniversary. Ask your followers to tag a friend, share your post or comment and you can give away free swag items or gift vouchers as rewards. This is proven to help improve promotion and engagement with your brand.

  • Share your followers’ posts

When your followers tweet or post something at you or about your brand, it would be great if you acknowledged it and shared it on your own profile. It shows your followers that you care about their opinion and feedback or are actually actively looking for it. People love it when the brand they are talking about online engages with them.

  • Turn posts into videos

Analyze which one of your posts or blogs garnered the most attention and online traffic. Then use similar posts or blogs to turn into videos. Videos are guaranteed to gain more views and attention than images or simple posts. Using your own content for videos will show your creativity and you can use simple software available online for making such videos.

  • Use infographics

Infographics are well-liked by everyone online. They share relevant and precise information regarding a topic in a convenient manner. They also have proven to gain more views and likes than any other type of posts. Use your articles or blogs to create a concise yet informative infographic that can relay the necessary information to your followers.

  • Go live

It’s been proven that viewers on Facebook and other such platforms watch live videos more than posted ones. Go live from your page for various occasions such as an office party, a meeting where you discuss new ideas or talk about a new product, etc. You can even plan to interview someone live which can make your followers feel more involved in your entire process.

  • Poll them

There are many different ways to engage your audience in polls. You can conduct meaningful customer research and learn more about the people that follow you. Or ask them fun yet interesting questions like what they like most about your brand, what they wish for, or opinions on different things regarding your brand. This engages your audience and makes their voice heard without being boring like a survey.

  • Partner with another brand

Collaborate with another brand on a blog post, infographic or any other post as long as your goals align together. This would mean your post gets reshared by them and you can do the same. What this does is bring your brand to the attention of a new demographic and set of followers that were not aware of your before. It also means you have earned a seal of approval by working with another esteemed brand. That would make you gain the trust of your followers while also showing them you are open to working with others with no negative competitiveness.

  • Use emojis or symbols

As we mentioned before, the language of the youth has its power and influence. By adding some emojis or symbols to your posts, you present yourself as a youth-friendly brand that is not boring or strictly corporate. The younger people like it when brands get more candid and fun with their audience online. This would make them engage with your profile and follow what you post in the future. Gaining the approval of the younger audience will help elevate you on social media since they are the ones running the whole internet.

  • Utilize charts

Self-explanatory images such as charts or graphs can interest your followers a lot more than simple text posts. Conduct a bit of research and find new and interesting studies regarding your industry and social media. Use the research to inform and educate your audience. You can use tools like Google Sheets to create charts or graphs based on the statistics. Such posts will help your followers learn more about your industry and keep them engaged with your account.

Outsourcing Social Media Management

No matter how big or small your company is, it is essential for it to have a strong presence online. The Internet is the root of every business nowadays. Without being approachable online, how will people get to know your brand and conduct business with you? Many organizations figure that they could handle their social media strategy all by themselves. You could be specially trained but that does not mean you would be able to do it. Social media strategy takes a lot of time and brainstorming. You would not be able to spend time working if you are busy handling your social media accounts.

Social media content strategy requires a lot of hard work and time. Many enterprises make the same mistake of taking this task on by themselves or hiring an intern to do it. That would mean your content is only being posted during work hours when there is not much online traffic. Social media is a full-time job that requires you to be engaging and active throughout. It is also not a platform for selling your services or products. You can advertise them or notify about new items, but the primary point of social media content strategy is to communicate and receive feedback from your audience so that you can garner sales.

Social media should be used as a tool to elevate your company’s standing and status in the market. By highlighting what makes your brand better than others, you would attract visitors that would engage with you about their needs. You can then build up your brand’s reputation by fulfilling the requests or demands of your consumers. Being active online and communicating with your followers constantly will create a trustworthy impact. Your audience would then provide you with positive feedback which can, therefore, drive the number of your sales.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Professional touch

In this age, everybody knows how to operate and manage their private social media accounts. But when it comes to operating to a business one it takes a lot more expertise and knowledge. A professional would be able to anticipate the ongoing or upcoming trends and curate the content accordingly. Professionals have great public relations skills and know exactly how to engage with your audience. They would be able to come up with strategies that would best promote your goods or represent your brand without outright selling it.

  • Expertise

Hiring a professional team that understands the ins and outs of social media can be very beneficial for any organization. It ensures that your brand is represented well and accurately in the best way possible. When you consult with a social media strategist, you should ask them which platforms they would suggest for you to use based on your business module. Their answer would tell you what they specialize in. Some experts even go beyond just helping you handle a social media platform and draw up strategic social media campaigns. Such campaigns can help you figure out how to reach your target audience.

  • Special tools

Social media can take up a lot of your time during work hours especially if you’re managing it all on your own using organic methods. There are proper tools and software meant to help you manage your social media content more conveniently. Social media agencies or experts have expert knowledge about such applications and software, so you do not have to waste time trying to find the perfect one. With such tools at their disposal, social media experts can save both your time and money and work towards gaining you the traction you desire online.

  • Proper content

Befitting and straightforward content is the backbone of any company’s social media strategy. It is one of the most important things that would help highlight your brand on the radar and attract possible clients. Professional social media consultants and strategists put a lot of effort and focus on getting the content right. They understand how your content needs to be such as how casual or formal your language needs to be and how you should handle all kinds of feedback. They put protocols and rules in place so that not one comment or word can mess up your carefully crafted brand reputation.

  • Entertainment

You should consider your social media presence as a character in its own right. A character you should craft and develop with its own unique personality and voice. It should fit your brand’s motto and be engaging. People use social media for fun and entertainment, so you will not be getting any clicks if all you do is be informative or post boring content. Experts know how to follow trends and engage with your audience in a fun way that not only keeps them coming back but also promotes your brand.

  • Consistency

Hiring a social media agency can help benefit you in terms of reliability. An agency would have their entire staff ready to jump in at a moment’s notice whenever you need them, or a situation arises that needs to be handled. Responding to followers in real-time and being reachable all the time will build trust between you and consumers. An agency would not let any feedback go ignored as they will always be supervising all your social media accounts. That kind of dependability is one that would help you relax and focus on your business while the agency takes care of your social media.

  • Cost-effective

Hiring a new employee not only means spending an unnecessary amount of time but money as well that could be better invested in your business. A full-time employee would require a basic salary every month while probably not putting in as many hours managing your social media. Hiring an agency means you can have flexible payment schedules. You would only be required to pay for the hours you request and the services you want to utilize each month. It can change according to your preferences and different situations that can arise in your business.