Creative Social Media Content Ideas

Being a social media strategist can come with its certain challenges. Coming up with new and exciting ideas to engage your audience on social media platforms can be hard. Sometimes it can even make your brain exhausted or weary trying to think of new ideas. Your every single post has to be unique, fun and interesting enough to make your followers interact as well as attract new ones. That is why we have gathered some tried and tested creative ideas for you to try that are guaranteed to bring positive results.

  • Use GIFs

Corporations underestimate the power of using the millennial language. Attaching a simple yet funny GIF to your post can elevate it and make it stand out even more. If your brand allows for it, use something similar to the context of your post and funny. The use of GIFs will entertain your audience and show your fun side as well as attracting younger followers.

  • Hold contests

The most fun and beneficial way to engage your followers is to hold social contests every once in a while. You can organize it when you launch a new product, reach a milestone or celebrate an anniversary. Ask your followers to tag a friend, share your post or comment and you can give away free swag items or gift vouchers as rewards. This is proven to help improve promotion and engagement with your brand.

  • Share your followers’ posts

When your followers tweet or post something at you or about your brand, it would be great if you acknowledged it and shared it on your own profile. It shows your followers that you care about their opinion and feedback or are actually actively looking for it. People love it when the brand they are talking about online engages with them.

  • Turn posts into videos

Analyze which one of your posts or blogs garnered the most attention and online traffic. Then use similar posts or blogs to turn into videos. Videos are guaranteed to gain more views and attention than images or simple posts. Using your own content for videos will show your creativity and you can use simple software available online for making such videos.

  • Use infographics

Infographics are well-liked by everyone online. They share relevant and precise information regarding a topic in a convenient manner. They also have proven to gain more views and likes than any other type of posts. Use your articles or blogs to create a concise yet informative infographic that can relay the necessary information to your followers.

  • Go live

It’s been proven that viewers on Facebook and other such platforms watch live videos more than posted ones. Go live from your page for various occasions such as an office party, a meeting where you discuss new ideas or talk about a new product, etc. You can even plan to interview someone live which can make your followers feel more involved in your entire process.

  • Poll them

There are many different ways to engage your audience in polls. You can conduct meaningful customer research and learn more about the people that follow you. Or ask them fun yet interesting questions like what they like most about your brand, what they wish for, or opinions on different things regarding your brand. This engages your audience and makes their voice heard without being boring like a survey.

  • Partner with another brand

Collaborate with another brand on a blog post, infographic or any other post as long as your goals align together. This would mean your post gets reshared by them and you can do the same. What this does is bring your brand to the attention of a new demographic and set of followers that were not aware of your before. It also means you have earned a seal of approval by working with another esteemed brand. That would make you gain the trust of your followers while also showing them you are open to working with others with no negative competitiveness.

  • Use emojis or symbols

As we mentioned before, the language of the youth has its power and influence. By adding some emojis or symbols to your posts, you present yourself as a youth-friendly brand that is not boring or strictly corporate. The younger people like it when brands get more candid and fun with their audience online. This would make them engage with your profile and follow what you post in the future. Gaining the approval of the younger audience will help elevate you on social media since they are the ones running the whole internet.

  • Utilize charts

Self-explanatory images such as charts or graphs can interest your followers a lot more than simple text posts. Conduct a bit of research and find new and interesting studies regarding your industry and social media. Use the research to inform and educate your audience. You can use tools like Google Sheets to create charts or graphs based on the statistics. Such posts will help your followers learn more about your industry and keep them engaged with your account.

Outsourcing Social Media Management

No matter how big or small your company is, it is essential for it to have a strong presence online. The Internet is the root of every business nowadays. Without being approachable online, how will people get to know your brand and conduct business with you? Many organizations figure that they could handle their social media strategy all by themselves. You could be specially trained but that does not mean you would be able to do it. Social media strategy takes a lot of time and brainstorming. You would not be able to spend time working if you are busy handling your social media accounts.

Social media content strategy requires a lot of hard work and time. Many enterprises make the same mistake of taking this task on by themselves or hiring an intern to do it. That would mean your content is only being posted during work hours when there is not much online traffic. Social media is a full-time job that requires you to be engaging and active throughout. It is also not a platform for selling your services or products. You can advertise them or notify about new items, but the primary point of social media content strategy is to communicate and receive feedback from your audience so that you can garner sales.

Social media should be used as a tool to elevate your company’s standing and status in the market. By highlighting what makes your brand better than others, you would attract visitors that would engage with you about their needs. You can then build up your brand’s reputation by fulfilling the requests or demands of your consumers. Being active online and communicating with your followers constantly will create a trustworthy impact. Your audience would then provide you with positive feedback which can, therefore, drive the number of your sales.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Professional touch

In this age, everybody knows how to operate and manage their private social media accounts. But when it comes to operating to a business one it takes a lot more expertise and knowledge. A professional would be able to anticipate the ongoing or upcoming trends and curate the content accordingly. Professionals have great public relations skills and know exactly how to engage with your audience. They would be able to come up with strategies that would best promote your goods or represent your brand without outright selling it.

  • Expertise

Hiring a professional team that understands the ins and outs of social media can be very beneficial for any organization. It ensures that your brand is represented well and accurately in the best way possible. When you consult with a social media strategist, you should ask them which platforms they would suggest for you to use based on your business module. Their answer would tell you what they specialize in. Some experts even go beyond just helping you handle a social media platform and draw up strategic social media campaigns. Such campaigns can help you figure out how to reach your target audience.

  • Special tools

Social media can take up a lot of your time during work hours especially if you’re managing it all on your own using organic methods. There are proper tools and software meant to help you manage your social media content more conveniently. Social media agencies or experts have expert knowledge about such applications and software, so you do not have to waste time trying to find the perfect one. With such tools at their disposal, social media experts can save both your time and money and work towards gaining you the traction you desire online.

  • Proper content

Befitting and straightforward content is the backbone of any company’s social media strategy. It is one of the most important things that would help highlight your brand on the radar and attract possible clients. Professional social media consultants and strategists put a lot of effort and focus on getting the content right. They understand how your content needs to be such as how casual or formal your language needs to be and how you should handle all kinds of feedback. They put protocols and rules in place so that not one comment or word can mess up your carefully crafted brand reputation.

  • Entertainment

You should consider your social media presence as a character in its own right. A character you should craft and develop with its own unique personality and voice. It should fit your brand’s motto and be engaging. People use social media for fun and entertainment, so you will not be getting any clicks if all you do is be informative or post boring content. Experts know how to follow trends and engage with your audience in a fun way that not only keeps them coming back but also promotes your brand.

  • Consistency

Hiring a social media agency can help benefit you in terms of reliability. An agency would have their entire staff ready to jump in at a moment’s notice whenever you need them, or a situation arises that needs to be handled. Responding to followers in real-time and being reachable all the time will build trust between you and consumers. An agency would not let any feedback go ignored as they will always be supervising all your social media accounts. That kind of dependability is one that would help you relax and focus on your business while the agency takes care of your social media.

  • Cost-effective

Hiring a new employee not only means spending an unnecessary amount of time but money as well that could be better invested in your business. A full-time employee would require a basic salary every month while probably not putting in as many hours managing your social media. Hiring an agency means you can have flexible payment schedules. You would only be required to pay for the hours you request and the services you want to utilize each month. It can change according to your preferences and different situations that can arise in your business.

10 of the Best Tools for Social Media Content Creators

Social media content development includes posting new and exciting content every day to keep your audience engaged while also attracting new clients. A brand’s social media content strategy can make or break their reputation. You have to make sure your brand is represented the right way and your message comes across with every single post. Social media content strategy is not easy to develop and requires a lot of effort and research. From having to curate the perfect caption with the right context and suitable image as well as effective hashtags, there is a lot that goes into it. However, there are a few tools that you can use to be more efficient.

  • Grammarly

Any post you make or text you write is bound to have some grammatical errors that need to be checked and fixed. We might be able to catch some while some can escape our notice. Grammarly is a free plugin that you can install to edit and spellcheck your posts anywhere online. Whether you are posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or writing a mail on Gmail, it can check and fix your grammatical mistakes easily. It also helps you improve by explaining the importance or reasoning behind some corrections.


As the name suggests, helps you search hashtags. You can put in a phrase or word you want to know about and it would give you elaborate results. The results would include its popularity, recent posts, the top influencers, and how it is performing online. You can use its paid add-on features to get alerts or track patterns and influencers of particular hashtags. This would let you know how effective your hashtags could be and what context to use them in as well as who to target using it.

  • Anchor

With the help of the free Anchor app, you would not require fancy or heavy-duty audio recording software. Anchor lets you record and edit audio or video files that you can then share on your social media. It is extremely easy to use as you just have to record your audio, choose the theme of the video, edit the file, download it in any form you like such as landscape and then share anywhere online. Audio and video recordings are known to attract and engage more viewers which would help you gain more followers.

  • SlideShare & SlideSnack

Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is a must-have for convenient and efficient social media content development. It lets you integrate both platforms to enjoy the text features of LinkedIn while using SlideShare to post presentations or captivating images. You can share your content directly from then on to all your social media accounts with just the click of a button. SlideSnack is a beneficial tool that allows you to add your own voice overlay over your content. You can share that content on your YouTube or other social media accounts.

  • Typeform

Typeform is a fun and engaging tool that lets you interact with your followers in the most effective way. It allows you to build quizzes and questions with different formats for answers such as yes/no, multiple choice, image-based and more. It is user-friendly and assures a heavy engagement from your followers. You can even upgrade to Pro+ or Pro Plus versions for added features that would make interactions with your audience even more exciting. The more you engage your followers, the higher your social ranking would be and the more you would be on the radar. That is essential for any business to be able to build a strong presence online.

  • Typorama

The more graphically pleasing your images are, the more you will be able to engage your audience for a long time. There are many graphics tools and software available online, but this iPhone app is just a bit better than all of them. It lets you edit, upload and make amazing artworks for your social media profiles. All you have to do is select from the many backgrounds and themes, upload a picture from your camera roll, add and edit the text, select the size (Facebook cover, Instagram story etc.), and then save it or share it on any social media account you wish. A great alternative for Android users is WordSwag.

  • Canva

You cannot mention free graphics tools without adding Canva to your list. This free tool is user-friendly and convenient to make quick yet high-quality graphics for your social media profiles. It has an extensive library of templates, themes, and styles that you can choose from. You can also select a social media size template or customize your own. The easy-to-use tool lets you make beautiful collages, edits or artworks in a matter of minutes. You can even upgrade and pay for more added features.

  • PowToon

Many organizations rely on external resources to create engaging videos for their social media audience. Such resources can not only be risky because they might not get your message perfectly or represent your brand accurately, but they can also be a heavy burden on your company’s budget. With tools like PowToon, you do not need to spend so much money on external resources anymore or hire video experts. With the free platform of PowToon, you can simply choose from one of the many templates available, add your content and then share it on all your social media profiles.

  • Animoto

Animoto is one of the most useful and smart tools available to create slideshows of video clips or pictures. With different subscription charges as per your needs, it allows you to develop creative and amazing videos using easy and convenient methods. Select one of the many available storyboards that each come with a style, structure, and song. Add your content, text, video or pictures and then download it in any format you like. You can then easily upload to your Facebook or Twitter account. It also allows you to create videos in a square which suits some of the social media platforms.

  • Crello

Many might consider Crello similar to Canva and it is in many ways, but it one-ups the other graphic design tool by offering around 65 million stock images, 11,000 templates, and 10,000 free templates. You can use any custom image size or use one of the social media ones. Add your images, texts and design the most beautiful creatives for your social media. Share it and enjoy the positive feedback you gain instantly.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Services

Whether you are a large organization that has a strong established standing in the market or a startup that is hoping to grow into a blooming flower amidst all the competition from a mere seedling, you need proper and efficient data services. Outsourcing services from professional experts and firms might be the new way for companies to get quality work done for their success and progress. So does that mean outsourcing data services is also beneficial? Of course, outsourcing is the best method for you to get great IT services at affordable costs without having to recruit an entire team.

Many firms and software houses offer data services and offer similar promises of economical prices and a general improvement in your business. But these are all vague pledges that anyone can make. Most organizations do not fully understand the intricate advantages of outsourcing data services and how much it can really aid in reforming the business infrastructure. There is much more than just having peace of mind regarding your operations. There are many benefits to hiring professional teams to handle your database and provide you with quality data services.

Helping startups expand

It is not just large corporations that require proficient data services due to a vast database and resources anymore but smaller startups also have their own set of requirements. Most times, when startups decide to expand their operations they become vulnerable to many risks and threats. Their resources require the steady hand of experts who can provide cheaper ways of managing your data. Software firms are equipped with experts who are trained in helping you handle your resources during expansions or upgrades in the company. This lets you focus your important time and money on progressing your enterprise’s goals.

Providing security measures

With the security regulations in the industry, it has become essential for a company to make sure their data has optimum security. Small scale companies face even bigger chances of risks because hackers perceive them to not have proper security measures. The cost of a data attack could drive the company to shut down for good. That is why it is increasingly important for companies to ensure the highest level of security measures for their data. Software houses have teams of workers that know what steps to take to protect your data in the best way possible. They know of possible threats and make sure to prevent them through strict methods.

Aiding in tax requirements

Smaller companies or startups do not have much experience with paperwork which is why integrating automation features in their infrastructure is a safe and easy way to deal with tax regulations. Otherwise, organizations with no experience of tax requirements could have to deal with tax penalties. By outsourcing data services, you can avoid such circumstances and even learn of tax incentives you had no idea about. Outsourcing on projects could help improve your tax records exponentially and allow you to play it safe with tax regulations.

Workforce structures

Startups face the decision of planning their workforce structure and schedules. Most companies that are recently starting out and getting a footing on the ground wish to have flexible structures. That means having a workforce that is augmented when needed. Having a flexible workforce and schedule means more convenient management. Handling such a workforce or department can improve the inner workings of your company since you would not have typical hiring or managing problems regarding employees. Outsourcing can help as long as you plan such a structure from the beginning as changing it along the way can have major setbacks.

Securing remote work stations

If you have chosen to have a flexible workforce and schedule by providing remote work situations to your employees, you have a major decision to make. The data in your office is well protected but what about the one being shared through remote work situations? It is highly essential for you to make sure the data from remote workplaces is just as, or more, secure than the one at work. Outsourcing reputable software houses would allow you to have the protection for all data, whether at work or remote locations.

Unlocking better benefits

Most small companies deal with difficulties when it comes to their employee benefits packages. Outsourcing automated payroll or other HR features from a respected software firm can help them plan a better and more substantial benefits package for their employees. It could include better health plans, wellness programs, or retirement plans. Having an extensive and particularly strong benefits package would help you recruit better workers and assemble a talented team of employees who are motivated to give their best performance. Such packages provide a convenient way of management as well that could not be the case in non-virtual management.

Administrative duties

Administrative tasks can be hectic and tedious, no matter if the company is large or small scale. That is why most companies look for and try to find a professional and experienced data services provider that can help manage and perform administrative duties. Outsourcing data services could help with things such as emailing clients, assisting duties, integrating data centers such as SharePoint etc. You would not only be saving a large amount of money which you can then invest in other significant projects for the progress of the company, but also have a neatly managed system.

Being up-to-date with the tech

Outsourcing expert help for data service does not just help with the previously mentioned tasks, but also in remaining on top of the industry by having all the updated technology at your service. Software houses make sure their clients are knowledgeable about any new technology updates or creations that could help manage their operation in a better and easier way. These could include things such as Remote Monitoring and Management tools, Microsoft or Apple updates, newer communication methods like chatbots etc. The more updated your technology is, the better your impression will be in the market and it will also get you more clients.

Introduction to Data Services

An organization is only as strong as its database. The smooth workings and progress of any large organization depend on how well-managed their database is. Large-scale organizations consist of a complex and huge database that contains data pertaining to the inner-workings of the corporation as well as data regarding their clients. That is why any enterprise’s database is considered sensitive and critical. In order to run a successful business, an organization needs to be able to manage and store its database in the most proficient manner. That is where IT firms who provide data services come in.

What is Data Services?

When a software house or firm offers data services, it means they are providing organizations the software to program, manage, store, and extract data. Every day, new data is stored and collected in any enterprise. It could be insignificant or extremely vital to the company. To be able to manage such data, organizations require a sophisticated software system so their data integrity is not compromised. Corporations deal with many processes every day and they could require different data on multiple channels through multiple sources at any time. That is what data services is meant to provide.

Data services contain operations that are performed on the database in order to extract, store, update, or transfer required data. Let’s consider a scenario that is extremely likely to happen in any organization. One of your clients wishes to get an update regarding their project. You would need to access their data to remember the history of your business relationship together. You would need access to files of your previous projects together. Then you would require the details of the current project you are working on. You would also need to know of the team and individuals working on said project.

You would need access to different sets of data on different platforms through different sources. For this, your data services provider would make use of their programmed features and let you know how to extract the datasets you require and in an efficient manner. You would be able to access the exact data set you needed without having to go through a lengthy process of looking through all sets of data. This would save you time and allow you to correspond with your client easily and quickly. Your client would be impressed with your efficiency and be moved to keep doing business with you in the future.

There are many such instances that would make you need to access different data sets. If you contract a software firm to provide you with data services, you would be able to keep your database not only secure using complex encryption methods but also learn of new programs and operations that would allow fast extraction and update of your data. It is increasingly important for any organization to keep their database updated as well so that you are not missing any significant details about your own operations or a client’s.

Data services include upgrading your database with the latest technology and keeping it up-to-date with any new piece of data that your organization collects. The data services provider would then create and implement algorithms and functions that would keep your data secure and safe from any internal or external threats. This would make sure your organization’s data integrity is ensured without any problems. The safer your data is the more your business would progress successfully.

Data services include the integration of efficient, safe, and fast extraction methods. You would be provided with a programming method that would allow you to extract any data files you need at any your corporation. The more aware you are of your own database the better you would be able to run operation in the company and deal with clients. You could even set up access points for your employees or a few individuals to ensure data security. This means you would be in complete control of your database, therefore there would be no misuse or theft of data. You would be able to supervise any operations run on any data set and be able to authorize it or not.

Scope of Data Services

Data services only entail operations and actions being performed on data sets only. Data services providers do not provide you with any new data, they only manage and handle the data you already have. They perform required tasks such as storing, updating and manipulating your database. If a new data set has been collected by your organization it would mean your database would automatically get updated. This would not disrupt your existing data but it would simply be integrated into it seamlessly.

Data services entail the collection of data as well. That means your data services provider would gather data from all platforms and sources of your enterprise. The system is so efficient that it would gather every bit of data no matter if it is spread throughout. It would gather data from different diverse sources and platforms making sure every data set gets updated and none is left unprotected. It also consists of running security protocols to ensure data integrity and to encrypt it from unauthorized individuals. Only those who are authorized by the head of the enterprise will be able to access the particular data set.

Data services also consist of a facility that could contain data interfaces using different transport protocols from different multiple platforms. That would require a smooth transition using the safest routes. While accessing your database, you or any of your employees could encounter data service errors. In the case of such errors, your data services provider would be immediately notified. They would then implement one of their error handling protocols to make sure the problem goes away as quickly as possible and with no future reoccurrences. Any enterprise, whether large or small, requires such sophisticated programs to manage and control their database. Data service providers can help you run a business smoothly with no threat to your sensitive and confidential database.