Ministry of Education strategies are technology-driven, and Neusol provides everything we need to implement our strategies. Ever since we have worked with this company, our overall expectations for quality have increased considerably. Working with Neusol is really a pleasant experience.


Neusol worked for us for a very complex projects, and they handled it exceptionally. Our experience with the Neusol was the best that could have happened, and their efficient team was helpful enough in providing the desired product.


Automata is Neusol’s solution that will be implementing the organizational process within your enterprise. It will be responsible for automating every workflow of your organizations, just within a click of the mouse. Other than automating workflow and processes Automata will also provide you with a monitoring mechanism along with a dashboard to gauge the service levels of every service and process. It has a set of editors that it offers you to develop, field, forms, user types, and workflows. The user may develop & implement any e-Service within an hour, without the need to code or program anything. More than that it is keenly keeping details of any request that could be reviewed at any given stage. Custom notifications (via email & SMS) are on every step of your workflows are included in the process.You can plug it in, into an active directory user or the SharePoint users.


Often whenever we visit a website, we notice an automatic chat box popping up asking us for our queries. This is an effective means of reaching out to your visitors’ in the lowest level. Based on this concept Neusol have come up with the NeuBOT!

It is an easy, effective, & quicker means for your customers to have their say heard via interactive chat sessions.


Here is a list of features this Machine Learning based chat agent suffices your business needs with:

  • Real-Time Customer Engagement: NeuBOT greets every visitor of your website & will be efficient in answering to the point in time.
  • Website Information: NeuBOT fathoms your website’s information, and thus it holds the required knowledge concerning your services & products.
  • Query Answering: It is able enough to answer any query, a customer may have.
  • Human-Agent: It impersonates itself as if a real human agent.
  • Conversation: Records conversation with visitors.
  • Reports: Provides useful reports for you.


NeuHR is the finest HR solution provided by Neusol. NeuHR will be a powerful asset in handling your Company’s or business’ human resources well and in an efficient manner. Days of manual labor have gone now obsolete, and everything is today tech influenced. So why Company’s HR be handling things like the days of the yore?

NeuHR Assistance:

NeuHR will be providing assistance with different regards as mentioned below:

  • Information Collection: NeuHR will be coming to your aid with information garnering and assembling of each and every employee in your company.
  • Alerts: Regular alerts, important notices, salary updates, and other alerts will be carried via this technology’s marvel.
  • Performance: NeuHR will be looking over the employees and assessing their performances in a regular way and evaluate them in parallel. This will be leading to effective means of improving an employee’s performance.
  • InTime: Keeping a regular check on attendance can be a time-consuming task. With NeuHR’s InTime you can automate the attendance and bring relief to your business in the most efficient & accurate way.