Metrics That Drive You Forward

While historical metrics have their place, Neusol is focused on providing you metrics that help with release decision-making. We’ll plug into your DevOps pipeline and pull metrics out to validate the level of security vigor for each release cycle. Our unique measurement approach doesn’t just look back, but rather helps drive you forward.

Measurement Of Speed

Auditing, reporting and metrics tracking are critical to successful program management. However, these tasks are not core to an already resourced-constrained development team. Neusol can set up and manage an ongoing metrics tracking program to ensure continuous improvement of the application security program and meet compliance and business demands.

Our primary objective is to help you track program implementation and activity verification metrics that validate the level of security vigor for each release cycle and support release decision-making We also help you with:

  • Providing reporting to audit and compliance teams
  • Providing executive-level reports to demonstrate program value
  • Reporting vulnerability metrics and identifying key trends