Everything You Need To Hit The Ground

Our team of experts are program acceleration specialists. We will tool your DevOps pipeline to support your customized security plan. Today’s market demands won’t let software development wait for security to catch up. We have the expertise and experience to take your program from planning to reality quickly, efficiently and predictably.

Integrated Secure Design & Coding Practices

We’ll implement customized solutions to seamlessly incorporate security activities across your software development lifecycle, leveraging automation wherever possible. Our thoughtful approach to implementing secure design and coding practices that meet the demands of a continuous development environment will improve security outcomes and minimize release disruption. For example, we have created customized build server and defect tracking integrations for past customers.

Testing & Validation

Security testing is used to identify security weaknesses in applications both before and after production. Testing is also helpful for validating security practices are being followed and evaluating their effectiveness. From static analysis to penetration testing, Neusol manages the full scope of solution and tool evaluation, procurement and deployment. Additionally, we are a Platinum Micro Focus Partner and have more than 17 years of experience helping companies with WebInspect implementations.

Training & Socialization

Neusol will work closely with your team to put in place training and education initiatives that deliver the right mix of knowledge and skills to successfully administer and complete security activities across the development lifecycle. Further, any consultants will work closely with developers to make sure that planned application security initiatives and practices support rather than impede their objectives and workflows.