Application Security That Keeps You Moving At Market Speed

Application security program design must balance the needs of security and business agility and provide a clear path to releasing software on time and in compliance with corporate and industry standards. Successful programs work with – not against – your established software development culture and environment.

  • Our experts will study your software production pipeline so that they can design a security program that complements your established policies and procedures. Our goal is to meet your security requirements with as little change to your production pipeline as possible.
  • We’ll work with your team to clearly articulate the security requirements and milestones that must be met in order for an application to go into production.
  • We’ll then identify the specific security activities that support these goals and how and where they occur in the software development lifecycle.
  • While using industry-accepted practices as the foundation for our recommendations, we actively avoid cookie-cutter templates and generic checklists in favor of thoughtful, customized design that meets the unique needs of your company’s culture and development environment.

Governance & Policy Development

The policy defines the security standards that must be met by applications prior to being released or to remain in production over time. Governance establishes the organizational support, priority and management needed to ensure these policies are being followed consistently while remaining relevant and effective. Both elements of program design are developed in the context of your business’s unique market demands, application inventory, compliance requirements, organizational culture, production environment, and risk profile.

Security Planning & Integration

Our team will review the current security activities and tools in place and identify areas where new activities or tools are needed and/or where processes can be streamlined to improve security outcomes and better align with current development procedures. Security activities include design and architectural elements, like encryption, as well as coding activities and security testing.