Security that won’t slow you down

As companies move toward a more iterative, continuous approach to software development, legacy application security programs simply cannot keep pace. Halting development for days or weeks for security checks creates disruption and frustration. Worse, these onerous security activities are often bypassed to achieve critical go-live deadlines, increasing the risk of costly incidents.

  • We work with companies of all sizes to adapt their application security activities to the more frequent and iterative software releases today’s business demands.
  • We have helped more than 2000 customers with their application security needs including financial, insurance and manufacturing companies.

Application security programs that disrupt your development processes, frustrate engineers and create friction between security, quality and development teams are doomed to fail. Our team of application security experts work closely with your engineering team to create and manage customized application security programs that work with – not against – your established software development culture and environment.

  • While using industry-accepted practices as the foundation for our recommendations, we actively avoid cookie-cutter templates and generic checklists in favor of thoughtful, customized design that meets the unique needs of your company’s culture and development environment.
  • The Neusol team offers a unique mix of security expertise grounded in a development-first culture. Everything we do is focused on supporting software developers in meeting the unique challenges of today‚Äôs fast-paced development demands.
  • We stay immersed in the world of software development and use the same tools and processes developers use to bring to security to our customers.
  • We leverage the deep expertise our sister company Orasi has in accelerating agile delivery, improving DevOps efficiency, and streamlining quality assurance to design security programs that meet the requirements of even the most forward-thinking development teams.