10 of the Best Tools for Social Media Content Creators

10 of the Best Tools for Social Media Content Creators

Social media content development includes posting new and exciting content every day to keep your audience engaged while also attracting new clients. A brand’s social media content strategy can make or break their reputation. You have to make sure your brand is represented the right way and your message comes across with every single post. Social media content strategy is not easy to develop and requires a lot of effort and research. From having to curate the perfect caption with the right context and suitable image as well as effective hashtags, there is a lot that goes into it. However, there are a few tools that you can use to be more efficient.

  • Grammarly

Any post you make or text you write is bound to have some grammatical errors that need to be checked and fixed. We might be able to catch some while some can escape our notice. Grammarly is a free plugin that you can install to edit and spellcheck your posts anywhere online. Whether you are posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or writing a mail on Gmail, it can check and fix your grammatical mistakes easily. It also helps you improve by explaining the importance or reasoning behind some corrections.

  • Hashtagify.me

As the name suggests, Hashtagify.me helps you search hashtags. You can put in a phrase or word you want to know about and it would give you elaborate results. The results would include its popularity, recent posts, the top influencers, and how it is performing online. You can use its paid add-on features to get alerts or track patterns and influencers of particular hashtags. This would let you know how effective your hashtags could be and what context to use them in as well as who to target using it.

  • Anchor

With the help of the free Anchor app, you would not require fancy or heavy-duty audio recording software. Anchor lets you record and edit audio or video files that you can then share on your social media. It is extremely easy to use as you just have to record your audio, choose the theme of the video, edit the file, download it in any form you like such as landscape and then share anywhere online. Audio and video recordings are known to attract and engage more viewers which would help you gain more followers.

  • SlideShare & SlideSnack

Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is a must-have for convenient and efficient social media content development. It lets you integrate both platforms to enjoy the text features of LinkedIn while using SlideShare to post presentations or captivating images. You can share your content directly from then on to all your social media accounts with just the click of a button. SlideSnack is a beneficial tool that allows you to add your own voice overlay over your content. You can share that content on your YouTube or other social media accounts.

  • Typeform

Typeform is a fun and engaging tool that lets you interact with your followers in the most effective way. It allows you to build quizzes and questions with different formats for answers such as yes/no, multiple choice, image-based and more. It is user-friendly and assures a heavy engagement from your followers. You can even upgrade to Pro+ or Pro Plus versions for added features that would make interactions with your audience even more exciting. The more you engage your followers, the higher your social ranking would be and the more you would be on the radar. That is essential for any business to be able to build a strong presence online.

  • Typorama

The more graphically pleasing your images are, the more you will be able to engage your audience for a long time. There are many graphics tools and software available online, but this iPhone app is just a bit better than all of them. It lets you edit, upload and make amazing artworks for your social media profiles. All you have to do is select from the many backgrounds and themes, upload a picture from your camera roll, add and edit the text, select the size (Facebook cover, Instagram story etc.), and then save it or share it on any social media account you wish. A great alternative for Android users is WordSwag.

  • Canva

You cannot mention free graphics tools without adding Canva to your list. This free tool is user-friendly and convenient to make quick yet high-quality graphics for your social media profiles. It has an extensive library of templates, themes, and styles that you can choose from. You can also select a social media size template or customize your own. The easy-to-use tool lets you make beautiful collages, edits or artworks in a matter of minutes. You can even upgrade and pay for more added features.

  • PowToon

Many organizations rely on external resources to create engaging videos for their social media audience. Such resources can not only be risky because they might not get your message perfectly or represent your brand accurately, but they can also be a heavy burden on your company’s budget. With tools like PowToon, you do not need to spend so much money on external resources anymore or hire video experts. With the free platform of PowToon, you can simply choose from one of the many templates available, add your content and then share it on all your social media profiles.

  • Animoto

Animoto is one of the most useful and smart tools available to create slideshows of video clips or pictures. With different subscription charges as per your needs, it allows you to develop creative and amazing videos using easy and convenient methods. Select one of the many available storyboards that each come with a style, structure, and song. Add your content, text, video or pictures and then download it in any format you like. You can then easily upload to your Facebook or Twitter account. It also allows you to create videos in a square which suits some of the social media platforms.

  • Crello

Many might consider Crello similar to Canva and it is in many ways, but it one-ups the other graphic design tool by offering around 65 million stock images, 11,000 templates, and 10,000 free templates. You can use any custom image size or use one of the social media ones. Add your images, texts and design the most beautiful creatives for your social media. Share it and enjoy the positive feedback you gain instantly.